nuPhoto is the largest online photo service app in Taiwan. It enables users to create personalized photo gifts for themself or their friends.

 I’m in charge of the user experience and development of this app.

Language: Swift

Architecture: MVC

ShoplinePOS(formerly WAPOS)

WAPOS was a fast-growing startup that focused on providing a retail POS (Point of Sale) app solution for Small and medium-sized businesses.  It was acquired by Shopline in Mar 2019. 

I designed and implemented an iPad retail POS (Point of Sale) app from the ground up, supporting daily business operations of 600 retail merchants.

Language: Swift and Objective-C

Architecture: VIPER, RxSwift, RxFeedback

Database: Couchbase

Logging: CocoaLumberjack + Bugfender

Hardware: Star mPOP, Socket Mobile 7ci barcode scanner, Brother QL-810W



Inventory Count

Purchase Order

Stock Transfer


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